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Dejan Petrovic Big Band

Dejan Petrovic, the son and successor of the most famous Serbian trumpet player Mica Petrovic, was born in 1985 in the village of Duboko, near Uzice. 

Dejan and his brother Darko belong to the fourth generation of trumpet players in their family of music manufacturers. The first one to start playing the trumpet was Dejan’s great grandfather Tanasije and since then the skill has been passed down from father to son. Tanasije’s successor was Danilo and then his son Mica, who deserves credit for the world fame of this instrument. 

It is certain that he was a man ahead of his time – a visionary or an artist who knew how to use the God’s gift and who could touch the soul of any man just by a simple sound of the trumpet. He gave good guidance to his sons Dejan and Darko, who showed interest for music from an early age. 

Dejan as a young trumpet player, won prestigious awards as well as hearts of the audience wherever he performed. Success followed success until finally he surpassed the achievements of his father at the competition in Guca in 2006, winning the “Master’s Letter”, the most prominent award at the competition. And so the twenty-year-old from the village of Duboko went down in history as the youngest Master of the Trumpet and as an artist with a potential to win the world in the same manner. 







The name Dejan Petrovic became a synonym for traditional Balkan music everywhere in the world, often combined with modern elements and adjusted for everybody’s ear. 

For fifteen years now, one could hear the name Dejan Petrovic Orchestra in the finals of every trumpet orchestra competition in the country, but also abroad. This is the best proof of the quality and a driving force to go further, to wish, to work and to achieve even more. 

It is no surprise that many influential people in the music and film industry have chosen this orchestra as their co-workers, Emir Kusturica being one of the most important, who they have been working with for seven years now. They have made music for a number of his films and not a single Kustendorf festival took place without Dejan and his orchestra.  

The most significant awards – Guca festival:

The best orchestra – 1998./2000./2003./2010.

The second orchestra– 2005./2006.

The most traditional music – 2002.

Golden Trumpet Winner – 2005./2009./2010.

Master’s letter – 2006.

The second trumpet – 2008.

The first trumpet – 1999./2009.

The first trumpet of the International Trumpeter Competition – 2010.

Dejan Petrovic Big Band’s first album came out in 2010, with the title “Take a Deep Breath”, comprising 14 tracks. The greatest hit of the album is “The Whirl”, which has already swirled the world. There are three songs which are interpretations of Serbian traditional songs and two are the interpretation of the song “Kolo” originally played by a well-known domestic group Van Gogh and the music from the film “Promise Me This” by Emir Kusturica. 





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