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Free, Free, Free, for All!

Download, listen to, and OWN the New Zabranjeno Pušenje album 'Šok i Nevjerica' FREE!

You read that right!.. For a limited time get your own FREE copy of the full album to download, listen to and own before their return to Australia this November.

'Šok i Nevjerica' is the eleventh studio album by Bosnian rock band Zabranjeno Pušenje, coincidentally it's been 11 Years since their last visit to Australia.

The album has already had 3 singles from the album, "Nova godina", "Irska" and the recently released "Kupi nas Ali" which across all 3 songs have close to 1 Million views!

Make sure you grab this release (FREE linked above) for your chance to listen to and own this critically acclaimed new album.

"Kupi nas Ali"


"Nova godina"

Link to download 'Šok i Nevjerica' album for FREE below!

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